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North Idaho Repeater Group

Kootenai | Benewah | Shoshone | Bonner | Boundary | Spokane


Blossom Peak

53.390   -1.7 Mhz       Enc/Dec 100Hz

147.280+                     Enc/Dec 100Hz

442.950+                     Enc/Dec 100Hz

Saint Jo Baldy 

147.26+                       Enc/Dec 186.2/88.5Hz

Goose Peak 

147.18+                       Enc/Dec 118.8Hz


145.49-                        Enc/Dec 136.5Hz

444.55+                       Enc/Dec 100.0 Hz

Black Mt. 

146.96-                        Enc/Dec 123 Hz

Priest Lake

145.41-                        Enc/Dec 77.0 Hz


N7MOT-R  #465683 

IRLP 3773

Zello Talk Group KB6UMY-R 

Email for Password

440.925+ DMR Color code -1

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IACC Repeater Database

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Repeater System Diagram


How it Works

Code of conduct
Our code of conduct is as follows: Please apply the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The group does not endorse nor oppose any religious or political views.

To link to this repeater key in 3773 to connect from another node or repeater and 73 to disconnect. If you are linking to another system please give your call and notify other listeners that you are linking to another node.


To link from another node to this one key in #465683 to connect and 73 to disconnect. You can also use the Echolink software or a smart phone. Please identify by using your call and notifying listners theat your connecting to another node.

Please email us if you need help programming your radio to use DMR or visit 
Our newest feature on the repeater is the Zello PTT app. This allows you to access the repeater system any where in the world where you have cell coverage. We will be selling POC radios with PTT buttons on them soon. you can use Zello on a computer or any iPhone or Android device. To use Zello you will need a password to get into the talk group. Please email request with call sign and address so I can verify your a licensed operator.
How it works


     Welcome to the North Idaho Repeater Group. We welcome all licensed amateur radio operator to use this system. It is our pleasure to provide a unique system to the Spokane | Coeur d'Alene | Bonner | Benawah | Sand Point | Shoshone areas. Some of our goals are to:

  • Provide emergency service to North Idaho through ARES/RACES groups in the event of natural disaster. In doing so we also provide an emergency network to the outdoors man of North Idaho. We want  hams to be able to contact to someone any place in the northern counties of Idaho and know they can get help if needed. 

  • Bring together the Ham communities of the different counties for fun and community service. 

  • Provide financial assistance to the repeater owners and groups for maintenance and equipment upgrades.

     The group system utilizes a VHF/UHF link system powered by 7 Kenwood commercial repeaters  2 new Icom repeater and Motorola link radios. Our repeaters also use CTCSS Encode/Decode with reverse burst to eliminate  squelch tail. In addition we have a dedicated Motorola DMR repeater at the Blossom peak location which is part of the PNW (Pacific Noth West) group. The FM repeaters are equipped with Echolink and IRLP for your enjoyment. Feel free to ask if you need help. Someone monitors the system most of the time. We recently achieved our long term goal of forming the North Idaho Repeater Group, a 501c3 organization, serving Cd'A, Spokane, Wallace, Priest Lake, Bonner Ferry, Sand Point and St. Maries. This is a combination of the S.C.A.R.S., Benewah County Amature Radio, Bonner County Amateur Radio ClubBoundary Amateur Radio Club and ARES/RACES coming together to expand the coverage area for each organization. The 6 meter receiver is at the KARS Idaho Mica site linked to our Blossom peak site repeaters.       

      Please visit our pictures page  and forums to see the latest upgrades. All donations towards this project are happily accepted and tax deductible.



Brandon Vetter
Lenny Gemar
Mike, Jeff, Mitch, Mel
Wallace/St Maries
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Email: KB6UMY
North Idaho Repeater Group
2600A E Seltice Box 527
Post Falls, ID 83854

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